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3 Strategy Shifts Needed Now

Social Media marketing has come to be a necessity to cater to the changing demand from the market. The virus has left its imprint across all industries and customer segments. Economists believe it will continue to devastate economies for years to come as governments struggle to make definitive decisions regarding the virus. A once in century scenario has panned out across the globe and whether you like it or not – it is going to affect everyone in some ways, or already have. Human behaviours have shifted, your segments have had assumptions turned on being more demanding – but has your marketing efforts changed? Social media strategy needs to be more agile instead of a waterfall approach to be able to cater to changing demand.

Community Centric Approach

In a world where there are growing concerns about having to stay six feet away from another, digital communities are growing as users are instinctively searching for places to connect. As increasing engagement across media channels regarding common interests (virus), businesses who can capture the same connection with their brand will be able to benefit during and post COVID. Facebook has taken the lead with these groups and even announced that they prioritize content from Groups that users frequently engage with

When building your campaigns for your social media channels, try tactics which spark long-term connection and engagement. Look at sharing sneak-peeks of your product, or regularly asking for your followers’ feedback will help to build a relationship between members and the brand.  

Solving Digital Pain Points

As wanting to speak to people has decreased, customers are expecting automation for tasks that should require no changes. As the future of the world turns toward digital, consumers are expecting brands to be attentive to their needs and questions in the comments at the drop of a hat: a recent study found that more than 60 percent of customers who complain on social media expect a response within an hour. 

If you can resolve issues over the internet you’ll be able to save money as social appears to be 83 percent less expensive than resolving it through a call center interaction. When it comes to service, consumers expect a personalized, human response rather than a copy and paste answer. Before developing a strategy for future customer service on social media, define your voice and tone, so that responses across platforms are consistent with your brand, moving forward. 

Find a Niche Now

Social media has shifted from being over-saturated to being niche dominated. If you plan to use the platforms to discuss your promotions, and expecting a high click-through rate; be prepared to fail. Platform usage increases year after year, everyone you know whether human or not, probably has a social media account. If you have no leverage outside of social media, and expecting a high ROI, you will need to shift your strategy on capturing a niche. Although mainstream platforms such as Instagram and Twitter continue to dominate the social media field, niche social media networks are increasingly gaining popularity amongst consumers. If you are unable to create a place within your strategy, you can consider using other sites or evaluate the network effect of your decisions. Your reach will also increase on these smaller networks, as compared to Facebook, which has more than 60 million business pages and less chance of reaching the right users. 

Ephemeral Content

Ephemeral content for social media is the type of content which can only be assessed for a short period. Stories are a great example of this but essentially creating rich media through short snippets with an expiry. Being able to use all forms of content in a strategic manner leads to more results than just posting once a day. Another great advantage of ephemeral content is the ability to share user-generated content (USG) easily. Recent studies have found that almost half of customers (48 per cent) claim that user-generated content is an excellent method for them to discover new products. With the nature of a VUCA world, at any given point in time; things can change – it’s essential never to place all your eggs in the same basket.

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