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Making Digital simple. Helping small businesses create an authentic voice through Digital.


When it comes to digital, we all think about creating a website and running ads. We instead explore things broader by assessing your maturity. Providing insights on the development forward and how you are able to tackle digital 

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Digital Maturity Assessment

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DCX Maturity Assessement

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Price Match Assessment

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Digital Directives

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Taking the first step to incorporate digital is understanding website development is only the first piece of a bigger puzzle. Explore digital offerings by combining your  human capabilities and technology capabilities.  

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Website Development

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CRM Development

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Software Development

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Digital Customer Journey Mapping


Lavon Global is designed for your digital initiatives to be taken care of with a human-centric approach. Focusing on how to bring your customers more value across your digital touch points.

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Internal Collaboration

Management Digital Expansion

Digital Expansion

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Digital Touch Points

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Virtual Assisstance

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Tailored Digital Services for

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Driven by lean & design thinking - creating an environment of continuous improvement for entrepreneurs

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Small Businesses

Helping small businesses by facilitating their capability of digital providing them with a platform of opportunities

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Start Ups

Helping start-ups by a cost-effective product-market fit strategy by the facilitation of the Gig Economy

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We will never say no to bigger clients but not at the cost of the smaller clients. We will need to organise a chat to see if we're the right fit.

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